Chapel History

Our chapel was designed by architect Addison Forbes who also designed at least four area churches.  It was built in 1894 by Nerville L. Cole, who owned the precursor to Stockham Lumber in Holley, NY.  Mr. Cole also built the cemetery’s storage building in 1928 and is buried in Hillside cemetery.  Remarkably we have the meeting minutes that describe the chapel project and most of the original receipts.  Here are some interesting bits of history:

January 27, 1894 meeting minutes of the Holley Cemetery Association discussing the architectural drawings for the chapel:

Jan 27 1894

March 23, 1894 meeting minutes listing bids received for the chapel construction:

March 23 1894

May 3, 1894 meeting minutes showing three additional bids and Nerville Cole being awarded the job:

May 3 1894

The receipt for paying Addison Forbes to design the chapel:

Chapel receipt


More information on architect Addison Forbes:

Addison Forbes, 1851- 1907

Note: If you have information pertaining to Addison Forbes that is not in this report, please contact the Clarendon Town Historian (585-638-6371 ext. 104)

Architect for Morton Baptist Church, Morton, NY (near Kendall) built 1889 (Holley Standard 1-12-1933)
– 1152 County Line Rd., Morton, NY 14508
– Was paid $25 for plans and specifications (Hilton Record 11-10-1932)
Architect for First Baptist Church in Holley, NY built 1890 (Holley Standard 2-25-1904)
– 25 Geddes Street, Holley NY 14470
Architect for United Methodist Church in Adams Basin, NY (near Spencerport) built 1892 (Hilton Record 11-10-1892 and Democrat & Chronicle 3-17-1892)
– 4292 Canal Rd., Spencerport, NY 14559
Architect for Mortuary Chapel in Hillside Cemetery, Holley , NY, built 1894
– Intersection of S. Main St (Rt 237) and South Holley Rd. at southern edge of Village of Holley, located in the Town of Clarendon
– Was paid 2% of proposed construction costs for plans, specifications and details ($67.00) plus $1.76 for two trips to Holley
Architect for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Holley, built 1894
– 2 Jackson St., Holley. NY 14470
– Generously donated his services (Holley Standard 1-31-1895)

1855 NY Census shows in the Town of Kendall:
Forbes, Stuben (sic), 37, M, Westchester, Merchant (125)
Elizabeth, 38, wife, England
Charles, 11, son, Orleans
Victor, 8, son, Orleans
Addison, 4, son, Orleans

1860 US Census shows in the 2nd Ward, City of Rochester

Forbes, Stuben (sic), 43
Elizabeth, 43
Chorles (sic), 16
Addison, 9

1870 US Census shows in the 3rd Ward City of Rochester

Forbes, Stuben (sic) S, 52, Retired Farmer
Elizabeth, 53, Keeping House
Charles, 26, Medical Student
Addison, 19, Draughtsman

1880 US Census shows in Knoxville, Knox County, Kentucky a group of unrelated adults living together, possibly a boarding house, includes Addison Forbes, 29, born in NY, Architect

December 8, 1886: Addison Forbes married Margaret Luella Thistle at the Parma home of the bride’s parents, ceremony conducted by rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Rochester (Democrat & Chronicle 12-18-1886)
Mother Elizabeth died of pneumonia; she had lived in Rochester for several years and was a member of Central Presbyterian Church (Democrat & Chronicle 12-23-1891)
Son of Elizabeth and Stephen S. Forbes; Brothers were Dr. Charles Addison and Victor E. Addison (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 12-24-1891)
– I believe father was really named Steuben S. Forbes due to other references
Mrs. Addison Forbes is listed as surviving daughter of Morgan Thistle who died in August of 1895 (Democrat & Chronicle 8-16-1895)

1870 US Census shows in Parma, Monroe County, NY
Thistle, Morgan, 48, Farm Laborer, born Ireland
Mary, 40, Keeping House, born Ireland
Martha A., 15, born New York
Landrun, 14, born Canada
Margaret, 11, born Canada
Maria, 8, born New York
Morgan, 6, born New York

1900 US Census for 10th Ward, City of Rochester, NY shows Addison as head of household with wife Luella M, who had no children born or living (other info on wife is different than other census reports: born June 1864 in NY with father born in Scotland and mother born in NY) household includes two male boarders. This census page is very sloppy with cross-outs and writing over writing, address looks like “61 Falonia St.”

1930 US Census in Rochester, NY shows Margaret Forbes, widow, age 70, born in Canada , immigration year 1860, child of parents born in Northern Ireland, living with Marie Budd,67, Agnes Lambert, 35, Frank Talhorst, 50, Frank White, 50 and Helen Budd, 10

In 1891, lived on Glenwood Avenue, possibly street number 16 (was blurry) (Democrat & Chronicle 2-24-1891)
– Cynthia Howk , of the Landmark Society of Western New York, supplies the following information: Glenwood Ave. in Rochester is located north of Lyell Ave. & extends west off of Lake Ave. in the Edgerton neighborhood. His connection with running for office in the 10th ward would be accurate for this part of the city (Lake Ave/Glenwood Ave area).
It’s interesting to see these western Monroe Co./eastern Orleans Co. projects listed above (did he have “inside connections” – perhaps relatives – in these communities?); the listing for Forbes in Carl Schmidt’s 1959 directory of Rochester architects is brief: “A.Forbes was in practice from 1872 to 1898 with an office in the Masonic Block.” The Masonic Block (Hall) is listed in the 1887 directory as being located on the SW corner of Exchange & W. Main streets. The 1870s-1890s period was one of great growth & expansion in Rochester/WNY and many architects had practices here in Rochester, with commissions that extended far from our immediate area. There is a March, 1881 article “Among the Architects” in a Rochester newspaper that cites upcoming projects from just six of the architectural firms in the city – and nearly 300 buildings are listed, with locations not only in Rochester, but the 1000 Islands, villages/towns throughout WNY (Irondequoit, Fairport, Palmyra, Penn Yan, Pittsford, Batavia, etc.), the Southern Tier, the Adirondacks & out of state (Colorado, Kansas, Indiana, etc.). – wherever the railroad provided access, architects would take commissions! So, it’s not unusual to see them accepting clients/commissions in even the most remote or distant locale ……. not just Rochester. In the 1887 CITY Directory for Rochester, the listing for Addison Forbes reads “Forbes, Addison, architect, h. 57 First Street.” This does not show a business address – only a residence. First Street is NE of the central downtown business district, not far from the Public Market, in what’s now known as “Marketview Heights.” Now, not all City Directories have complete information. He might have had an office downtown. Another possibility is that he was working out of his home at this time.

Addison Forbes and his wife sold 50 acres in Kendall, NY to Frederick L. Scheik and Bertha H. Sheik (sic) for $3,100 (Holley Standard 10-19-1893)

Referred to as “ J. Addison Forbes” (Holley Standard 2-25-1904) Probably a misprint

Died at his home in Rochester on October 31, 1907. Buried in Beechwood Cemetery on November 2, 1907, Kendall NY (Holley Standard 10-31-1907)

-Must be a misprint: Beechwood Cemetery listing on rootsweb does not include his name. Greenwood Cemetery, Kendall , NY listing does. His gravestone is in Greenwood.
From Greenwood Cemetery records:
– Addison Forbes, b. 1851, d. 1907, “Husband”, Son of Steuben S. Forbes & Elizabeth
– Elizabeth Forbes, b. 1-8-1817, d. 12-22-1891, wife of Steuben S. Forbes, Born Holland
– Steuben S. Forbes, b. 9-16-1817, d.4-8-1887, son of Gilbert Forbes and Mary Acker

Ran for assessor in Kendall in 1885, last in field of three (Holley Standard 4-9-1885)
In 1890, Mrs. Addison Forbes (of the 9th ward) collected for, and Addison Forbes contributed to, the WCTU (Democrat & Chronicle 3-16-1890)
Ran for Supervisor of ninth ward, Rochester, 1891, Prohibition Party (Democrat & Chronicle 2-24-1891 and 3- 4- 1891)
Elected to Prohibition city central committee (Democrat & Chronicle 2-9-1892)
Elected warden of Church of the Ascension (Episcopalian)(Democrat & Chronicle 4-19-1892)
Nominated as delegate to city convention by Prohibition Party of 10th ward. (Democrat & Chronicle 2-20-1894)
Chosen as delegate to Prohibition Conference in Syracuse, representing all of Rochester (Democrat & Chronicle 6-19-1894)
Nominated for Supervisor in the 10th Ward, Rochester (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 9-30-1895)

(Information compiled by, and pictures taken by, Erin Anheier, January, 2012)

Photos of other buildings designed by Forbes

Morton Baptist Church, Morton, NY, built 1889:


First Baptist Church, Holley, NY, built 1890:


Methodist Church, Adams Basin, NY, built 1892:

adams basin

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Holley, built 1894:

Dec 2011 020

Forbes Graves in Greenwood Cemetery

Addison Forbes:

Addison Forbes grave

Steuben S. Forbes:

Steuben S. Forbes grave

Elizabeth Forbes:

Elizabeth Forbes grave